Archived paper

Research on language-in-education Planning in Minority Colleges under the Background of Key Competency

Wu Xiao-fang


Research on the Ancient Greek and Hebrew Cultural Elements in “The Seventh Seal”

Qiong Liu


A Study on the Multimodal Conceptualization on Time based on Chinese Documentary

Yali Zhao, Lihan Wu


The Creation Theory of Guo Moruo and the Acceptability of Readers

Wen Jing


A Review of Ishiguro and Memory from the Perspective of Cognitive Literary Criticism

ZHANG Zhicai


An empirical study on the implicit and explicit vocabulary learning

Zhenyu Ma


Practical analysis of "basic Japanese" teaching course under the flipped classroom teaching mode



The Key to College English Teaching

Li Chengxing, Gao Dan, Wang Mingliang


The Application of Creative Treason for Translation and Spread of Dongxi’s fictions to Southeast Asian Countries

Yaxuan Zhong, Linghui Liu


Postmethod Approach to College English Teaching in China

Liu Xing


Arithmetic and Treatment: Metaphor Choice in China’s Economy Reform Discourse

ManJie Lao


A Cross-linguistic Study on Connectives―Constraints on Implicatures or Explicatures?

Bai Arong